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I started going to The Yoga Pad as I’m a male in my mid 30’s and wanted to stay fit enough for football, I found the sessions hard but enjoyable and they have started to become a big part in my football training. I’ve been attending for a couple of months and lost half a stone and I’ve added muscle mass.    Kevin Ferguson

I have been practicing yoga for 2 years. I enjoy the meditation. I feel more relaxed and I am sleeping much better. I have not had a cold for 2 years which is incredible. I do feel yoga is more beneficial than a aerobic workout. The teaching is excellent.

 S. Jessop

My problem hip is much better. I feel much better in myself. This class is such a positive addiction.   C.Eagle

I really dislike going to the gym but I thoroughly enjoy coming to the yoga pad so much I have a unlimited monthly membership. A very enjoyable form of exercise. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions.   H. Longfellow

I love the meditate aspect of the practise. I come in feeling stressed and leave feeling amazing .   V.Scott

Wow I am so impressed with the results I have lost 3 stone in a few months,,If you practise regular the weight comes off.   V.Hussain

Took a 30 day Into offer and came as often as possible and I was shocked at loosing 3kg,I will be purchasing more session.   S.Taylor

I have been a regular since the Yoga Pad Opened in 2013 and never looked back. The instructors are very friendly encouraging and professional. The venue is clean and has a lovely friendly atmosphere.   Sarah.D

Amazing teachers and a big variety of yoga classes. Never thought yoga would be my lifestyle.   Asta.B

I am offically hooked, lovely studio, clear and helpful instruction and super friendly staff. Ive felt energised and motivated the whole day and I am planning by next visits and I am excited.   Lisa.P

One of the best things Ive ever done!! For anyone into health you know variety is key and to be able to test my self doing this was an eye opener. The level of composure and strength it takes is humbling yet I came out feeling refreshed and my mind clear. Would recommend to anyone for sure. Hot Yoga at The Yoga Pad is firmly in my routine from now on.   L. Sanchez